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Minitalya is a company operating in mining, agriculture and construction sectors, providing sustainable, economic and environmentally friendly solutions with biomineral products since 2014.

The raw minerals used in the products are obtained from the Largest Geothermic site in Turkey, which carries over Rare Earth Elements and other trace minerals and deposits them to the quarry of Minitalya in Denizli. The Biominerals are transferred to the processing facility located in Sarayköy and processed under supervision of an expert team including Materials Engineer, Pharmacologist and Mechanical expert. Final product is then distributed and put to use worldwide.

All of the products manufactured by Minitalya are compositions that are derived from Algea and other single cell organisms. Due to the natural processes these organisms go through, they can be named as Biominerals. These Biominerals have several critic roles in Plant Growth and Feed Quality.

Our products in agriculture sector are used and approved by agriculture branches of government and privately owned companies.

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