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After the application, a difference of about 7-8 degrees was detected in the temperature measurements made on the fruit surface. This temperature difference is very important. As a result of the high nighttime temperatures in apples, relatively smaller fruits appear because the necessary carbohydrates are spent by transpiration. In case of a decrease in humidity, as the loss of water lost by sweating will increase in parallel with the increase in temperature, growth and development decrease. There is shrinkage, thickening and inability to fully develop color in fruits. 

During sunny hours, plants get heat stress at 37.5 degrees and stop photosynthesis. This temperature difference created by the application of Almina causes an increase in the amount of photosynthesis in 24 hours by delaying the plant's entry into heat stress and accelerating its exit. Therefore, a positive difference was observed in green parts and fruit development compared to the control plot.

In the examinations made, it has been proven that Almina application increases the cation exchange capacity in the soil, liberates the nutrients and minerals that are bound and cannot be taken, and enables the plant to take it. Apart from this, it has been observed that thanks to its porous structure, it loosens and ventilates the soil with water/air circulation and benefits the development of the plant with its rich content.

List of Benefits as a summarry:

- Increase in shoot growth

- Darkening of leaf color

- Thickening and enlargement of leaves

- Minimizing sunburns

- Increase in apple caliber and quality

- Improvement in apple color (dark green) - Increase in storage hardness

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