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Montage and Implementation

T-ORC System is manufactured as a closed cabinet. Depending on the position of the heat source, by-pass line from the welding line will transfer heat to the system. Since the whole system is manufactured in a closed cabinet type, there will be no additional production in production area except for by-pass line operations and electrical connections.


A sixth-month inspection procedure and a yearly maintenance procedure are deemed sufficient. In the annual maintenance procedure, the replacement of the bearing and turbine parts is as short as one working day and at an economic level of 1% of the machine sales figure.

Security Measures

In case of system supply voltage shortage, the bypass line deactivates the T-ORC system directly. (By-pass line valves operate with internal power system and are network independent)

If the heat exchanger pressure level reaches the set point, the T-ORC system is deactivated again via the by-pass line.

If the required pressure is provided but the desired power cannot be produced, the system deactivates the T-ORC system again and the service alarm is automatically transmitted to the manufacturer.

In case of loss of cooling level or failure of cooling system, T-ORC system is disabled, and service alarm is transmitted to manufacturer automatically.

Surveillance and Follow-ups

The system automatically communicates possible faults to the operator and manufacturer via the internal safety system to the application which will be presented upon delivery. The operator and manufacturer will have the option to monitor the system values ​​24/7 via the application and examine the total production in the desired time intervals. Green Energy

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