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Application au sol :

​0,5 - 1 Kg Granulé /Arbre

​1,5 Kg WP / 100 Lt. eau par pulvérisation

Application foliaire :

​Avantages d'Almina dans la culture de la grenade

  • Uniform Fruit growth with Increased Yield

  • Increased Flowering and Shoot Development

  • Darker Leaf Color and Increased Photosynthesis

  • Reduced internal Flesh Loss During Growth

  • Increased Fruit Detachment Force between the Fruit and the Stem

  • Increased Strength in Xylem and Mineral transportation capabilities from roots 

  • More Stable and Hairy Root Development, Spanning Wider Areas

  • Increased Resistance Against Droughts and Sunburns

  • Reduced Fruit and Leaf Surface Heat

  • Improved Resistance Against Biotic/Abiotic Stress

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