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Evaluation Report of Trial of the Product Named Almina Established on Konya Aksaray Road by Minitalya Tarım (01.02.2023)

In the harvest measurements of Sunflower, approximately 330 kg/da Sunflower was obtained from the control plot and approximately 414 kg/da Sunflower was obtained from the application plot. As a result, the benefit of Almina was determined with a 25% increase.


When the economic return is calculated, it has been determined that it will provide a gain of approximately 1000 TL with a cost of 270 TL per decare.


Conclusion: This study, which resulted in the release of minerals bound in the soil, is proof that the product will also be beneficial in other plant species. The success demonstrated in this study will also benefit almost all other products produced in the agricultural sector.


We would like to thank İsmail Atarlar for enabling this study to be carried out, Gökhan Tosun who was our mentor in directing our studies, and the relevant engineers who contributed to the studies.

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