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It was tested what differences and effects occurred in the onion field in Kochisar after the use of Almina soil conditioner in granular form. 

Treatment and control plots were determined in the field of 70 decares in accordance with the standard trial pattern, located side by side.

- All maintenance and applications throughout the field were identical and the only difference between the control plot and the treatment plot was the application of Almina (in granular form) at the rate of 25 kg per decare.

- In this study, the treatment and control plots of 10 decares each were harvested separately and the tonnage values of the products were analyzed.

Taze soğan

Observations conducted during the cultivation process revealed that the application of Almina to the soil before sowing increased the cation exchange capacity of the soil and reduced the crust formation in soil. 

In addition, it was observed that the plant was more resistant to diseases and pests compared to the control plot due to the strengthening of the cell walls of the amorphous silicon contained in Almina.

According to the examinations and evaluations made by us during the process until harvest, the treated plot provided superior characteristics during the whole growth process compared to the control plot in terms of height, root, stem thickness, development of vegetative parts and color.

In the periodical checks, the vegetative stem development in the treated plot appeared to be darker in color, longer in length, with wider leaves and healthier than that of the control plot. 

It was observed that the root development of the plant samples in the treatment plot was larger in diameter, longer, heavier and healthier than those in the control plot. 


In harvest measurements, approximately 5334 kg/decares of onion was obtained from the control plot and 6218 kg/decares of onion was obtained from the treatment plot with an increase of approximately 17%. 

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