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Evaluation Report on the Effects of Almina, a Product Developed by Minitalya Tarim, on Pear Plants in Korkuteli District of Antalya

The product was applied in 40 decares of Ankara (Karyağdı) variety mature pear orchard in Yazır village of Korkuteli. After 6 foliar applications with a period of 3-4 weeks in the trial area, the effects of Almina use and the differences created were examined.

In April 2020, treatment and control plots were determined in the orchard in accordance with the standard trial pattern, located side by side. All maintenance and applications throughout the orchard were identical and the only difference between the control plot and the treatment plot was the Almina applications. 

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- Foliar applications of Almina in the orchard were started at the beginning of April at a dose of 1.5 kg /100 l during pre-flowering, fruit setting, fruit growth and ripening stages. 

- The mixture obtained by mixing 1.5 kg Almina in powder form with 100 liters of water was sprayed on the leaves. When spraying, it was ensured that the leaves and fruits were completely covered with the mixture.


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- The amount and length of shoots were about 30% higher in the plots treated with Almina. This effect can also be associated with a higher amount of photosynthesis.

- Flowering, fruit setting and growth followed a more homogenous process in the plot treated with Almina.

- The plot treated with Almina differed positively from the control plot in terms of fruit size and skin. 

- Due to its silicon content, the plot treated with Almina was found to be more resistant to diseases and pests compared to the control plot. 

- In the observations conducted, it was determined that sunburns were prevented by the coating created by Almina treatment and the plant gained resistance to drought by suffering less from heat stress and water loss. 

At the end of the harvest, a yield increase of approximately 10-15% was achieved in the plot where Almina was used and the products were sold to Migros without any problems. 

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