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Diatomite plates with gypsum composition are very light and easy to cut insulation plates with excellent thermal insulation that can be used up to 800 ° C. They are resistant to carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons. They are available in special sizes upon request. It does not have any harmful effects on human health.


Minitalya A.Ş. s brother MES Madencilik A.Ş. The data obtained in the R&D studies, which is the operator of the Diatomite Mining Mine, clearly demonstrated the benefits of the production of Diatomite Wall cladding Plates and Refractory Brick.


In addition to plaster, Silica Sand and Perlite are used in the production of drywall sold in the market. On the other hand, the presence of Gypsum in the Diatomite we have obtained from some parts of our own quarry was noticed. If this combined mineral is used, they can be bonded to each other without the need for other binders.


Ready-made Wall Elements, breathing Drywalls, Wall Panels and Insulation plasters, which can be produced without any additional additives, are unrivaled in price and quality.

(R&D) Gypsum Boards

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