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Today, most of the energy is used for ambient heating and hot water production. The amount of energy required depends largely on thermal insulation.


Traditional insulation materials can be increased in thickness to obtain good thermal insulation, but increasing the thickness has several disadvantages. Examples of this are the increased cost and reduced available space. If the insulation thickness can be effectively reduced, it can be easily applied to energy-efficient devices and buildings, and more areas of use can be created. For this reason, high performance insulation materials are important.


With the increasing importance of energy efficiency, it has become necessary to use alternative insulation materials that provide better thermal insulation in cooling devices, especially refrigerators.

One of these materials is vacuum insulation panels. Vacuum insulation panels (VYP) provide much higher performance insulation than preferred thermal insulation materials in terms of thermal insulation properties.

(R&D) Vacuum Isolation Boards

  • ** Thermal insulation reaching up to 10 times compared to conventional insulation materials (λmax = 40 mW / mK [milliWatt / meter Kelvin]) can be provided with VYPs (λmax = 4 mW / mK).

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