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Sugar Beet

As a result of the observations, it has been proven that the Almina application liberates the nutrients and minerals that are bound and cannot be taken in the soil and enables the plant to take it.


Apart from this, it has been observed that thanks to its porous structure, it loosens and ventilates the soil with water/air circulation and benefits the development of the plant with its rich content.

In the examinations and evaluations made by us in the process until the harvest, the applied parcel provided superior characteristics compared to the control part in terms of height, root, stem thickness, vegetative part development and color throughout the entire development process.


In the periodic controls, the vegetative part development seen in the application plot is darker in color, longer in length, with wider leaves and healthier than the control plot.


It was observed that root development in the plant samples in the application plot was larger, longer, heavier and healthier than the control plot.

In the harvest measurements, approximately 4084 kg/da of beet was obtained from the control plot and 5004 kg/da of beet was obtained with an increase of approximately 23% from the application plot.


When the economic return is calculated, it not only increased the tonnage of the beet, but also increased the polar value of 15.61, which was below the standard, to 16.22, which was above the standard, and enabled it to reach commercial values.


It has been determined that it will provide a profit of approximately 875 TL with a cost of 270 TL per decare.

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