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What is T-ORC?

T-ORC Türbin.png

T-ORC is a patented and Unique Energy Turbine made specifically for ORC systems.

The Turbine introduces almost a friction free energy generation environment for the expanding gases. 

The low level of friction and '24-Geared Liquidized Gas' combination of Minitalya enables Energy generation from heat sources as low as -23 Celcius degrees(*)

(*)Applicability depends on Working Conditions.

Same Heat, More Energy

Yield Table.png

The unique design of T-ORC turbines makes a definitive energy production difference when compared to regular ORC systems. 

The values shown above has been tested in optimal conditions on miniatures (1/100 scale) of both systems, with direct heat application. The difference in Energy Yield indicates that T-ORC system comes as close to the Thermodynamic Law as possible.

Lower the working temperature drops and higher the heat source temperature goes, more energy efficiency can be achieved.

Areas of use

(Specialised Products)

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